Address: 101 Blue Hills Parkway, Milton, MA 02186
Phone: (617) 698-9876
Fax: (617) 333-6789

Find us in Milton, ¼ At Signmile South of Mattapan Sq., just North of the Tucker Elementary School, and near the intersection at Brook Rd.  Use the side/ramp entrance for the childcare/preschool program on the upper level, and the back door for Discovery Arts! programs on the lower level.
Don’t use the front door – we won’t hear the doorbell!


Kidder Building

The Kidder Building – 101 Blue Hills Parkway, Milton, MA 02186

Please Note:  We are no longer located at 865 Brush Hill Rd., Milton MA 02186 (our home Sept 1992 – Nov 2009).  We relocated on December 1, 2009 to the Milton Library’s Kidder Building (formerly the home of KEDS).
Same program – new space!

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