Tuition & Admission

Finally something affordable!
Every parent wants the best possible program for their child, and so do we, but preschool and childcare are expensive any way you look at it.  We try hard to keep our rates as affordable as possible.  We’re non-profit, and it’s part of our mission.  If you don’t find us generally less expensive than other programs in the area, we’d be surprised.  We try hard!







Full Days

7AM – 6PM











Early Days
Late Days

7AM – 5PM
8AM – 6PM











Short Days

8AM – 3PM











  • We are open 7AM to 6PM, M-F, for the full calendar year (see holidays)
  • 5% sibling discount on your total tuition (two or more children)
  • Toddlers are children 15 to 33 months (2 yrs – 9 mos)
  • Preschoolers are children aged 2 yrs – 9 mos and up
  • We can do mixed schedules (like three Short Days and two Late Days) – Please ask
  • $300 Annual Family Fundraising Commitment
  • That’s it! No hidden fees or extras!

Payment and Registration
Please complete an online Schoolhouse Inquiry form get on our waiting list and/or to inquire about enrolling your child.  We will then get in touch with you to answer your questions and set up a visit.  If you are notified that space is available, you will need to make a non-refundable Tuition Pre-payment to hold a place for your child. Tuition is payable weekly in advance, and the first week’s tuition is due before your child starts. A limited number of child care vouchers are accepted.

Waiting List
We enroll all year round whenever we have an opening.  Often we can accommodate enrollments anytime, but the fall is always more difficult.  We recommend that if you are considering a fall start, you should make a commitment by June 1st.  We only enroll a small number of toddlers, so space for them is always tight.  We give preference to siblings of enrolled children.

Annual Fundraising Commitment
We ask every family to make a commitment to raise $300 towards the school’s Annual Fund every calendar year. Discovery Schoolhouse, Inc. is a non-profit, Chapter 501(C)(3) corporation and we rely on various fundraisers to supplement our budget. Details are available upon enrollment or request. Although many families choose to simply donate this amount themselves, which is fine, we prefer if you are able to raise the funds from employers, family, local businesses, and other sponsors. Participation in our other fundraising events is also encouraged, but do not count towards the Family Fundraising Commitment.

Enrollment Forms
All enrollment forms must be completed and returned prior to your child’s first day. The Physical form must be completed by a physician. An enrollment packet containing all necessary forms will be provided prior to enrollment.

Admission Policy
Discovery Schoolhouse has an inclusive admission policy. We accept applications from all children and their families. We recognize that each child is an individual with unique needs and abilities, equally deserving the best possible care. We will endeavor to meet the needs of every child enrolled or applying for enrollment. Specific enrollment decisions are based on the availability of openings and the enrollment needs of the school with some preference given to siblings of currently or formerly enrolled children, families enrolling more than one child at one time, and employees of the school.

Although it is our goal not to deny enrollment to any child, recognizing that no one program can meet the needs of all children, acceptance and continued enrollment of a child must be conditional on our assessment of the appropriateness of the program for that child. Every effort will be made to individualize and adapt the program for each child, however, if it is determined by the Executive Director that a child’s needs cannot be appropriately met without causing an undue burden to the program, we reserve the right to terminate or deny the child’s enrollment.

Discovery Schoolhouse has an inclusive admission policy and of course does not discriminate in providing services to children and their families on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, cultural heritage, or disability ; nor the marital status, political beliefs, or sexual orientation of their parents.

The above is a brief summary. For the full text of the school’s Admission & Termination Policy please refer to the Parent Handbook, which is available online and at the school.

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