(Actual former Discovery Schoolhouse kids!)

Here’s what real kids have to say about us…

“I learned about a lot of things but mostly friendship…I still have my journal and I always love looking at it…I love coming to the BBQ… Discovery is lots of fun, Learning and friendship for everyone! / A lot to do and a lot to see, so come this way to Discovery! – Kyle, 4th grade

“[I learned most] how to be nice to others…[I liked and remember most] playing in the loft and the swing…[I think about] my teachers – Rebekah, 1st grade

“There were lots of varied & fun activities…[I learned about] life, sharing, & kindness– Peter, high school freshman

“[I remember most] the Birthday BBQ, [my friends] Ryan, William, Doug, and the teachers Elyse, Brian, Elaine, and Joan…

[I learned] letters and how to read – Keven, Kindergarten

“I remember most the dog, Jasper…I liked most the nice teachers there…I think about the dog, and the teachers helping me learn – Veronica, 4th grade

“I remember the way no one was very strict on rules – except the moral ones…I like that it is a caring, nurturing environment that everyone can feel great in…I learned that mistakes are natural and that you can learn from them…I basically learned how to be a good person…I look at [my journal] all the time!…I sometimes think about how the people were really, truly interested in my life, I don’t get that a lot anymore…They nurtured me, taught me, and made me feel good, see/and now I’m independent because they said thatI could be! – Gabriella, 6th grade

“Naptime was cozy and friendly…I learned about friendship, about animals, and to be kind to others…I think about the three fishes…I love coming to the BBQ – Victor, 4th grade

“[I remember] sledding down a hill…[I liked] the playground [most]…[I think about] doing music at Discovery – Rory, 8th grade

“[I liked most] reading stories and my teacher, Brian, playing guitar…[I remember most] the dog, teachers, and playing with friends…[I learned about] taking turns, the calendar, and days of the week…I still look at [my journal, and] I think about swinging on the swings with my friends – Noura, Kindergarten

“[I remember most] the playground…[I liked] the animals – Caeleigh, 3rd grade

“The teachers were cool…[I learned about] the alphabet, measuring, manners, cooking, and math…[I think about] drawing [at Discovery] – James, 5th grade

“Every child had a symbol. Mine was a cart…[I liked most] all my friends…I still look at [my journal, and I think about] the loft [and] the teachers – Adam, 7th grade

“[I remember most] having fun with other kids [and that the kids were] friendly & nice – Tom, 7th grade

“[I remember most] the train in the playground, naptime (we always stayed up and talked), fieldtrips to the library [and I liked most] birthdays – the teachers made a cake – Amelia, 7th grade

“[I liked most] going to the library on Fridays, especially when my dad came…[I still have my journal, and] I still look at it, too…[I remember] making ‘Gak’…[I liked most] playing outside…[I learned about] ABC’s, colors, and numbers…[I think about] the spaghetti dinner – Campbell, 3rd grade

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