Elyse Shamah Robison

May 16, 1974 – May 23, 2012

With great sadness we let you know of the passing of Elyse (Shamah) Robison on May 23, 2012.  She was just 38.  Elyse was diagnosed with colon cancer in the fall of 2010.  She started at Discovery Schoolhouse in the summer of 1995, and moved from Teacher, to Lead Teacher, to Assistant Director.  Elyse was instrumental in running the school every day, and was an integral part of it’s soul.  She was tirelessly dedicated to the school and her family, always putting the children of both first above all other concerns.  She was a kind, gentle, nurturing, and calming influence on the program and everyone around her.  Elyse’s optimistic nature, soft spoken demeanor, and calming spirit permeated the school’s atmosphere.  It’s hard to imagine Discovery Schoolhouse without her.  She will be sorely missed every day. [Read more about Elyse…]

Please share a memory of Elyse below.  We will share your remembrances with each other and with her family. Please also ask others who knew Elyse to post a message here (way down at the bottom of the page).

39 Responses to “Elyse Shamah Robison”

  1. Cameron Thomas Robison Says:

    Huh… So the last REAL comment here was from 2013? Well, I hope you’re all doing well. I see this as a sort of way to put myself at peace, to finally truly come to terms. Nobody will probably ever see this, but here goes…
    My name is Cameron Thomas Robison. I was Elyse’s second son. Ever since the day she died, I always felt as if mom’s death was somehow my fault, like I could of prevented it. I now realize that there was nothing I could’ve done. Sadly, I don’t have many memories of my mother. She died too early for me to be able to remember. When I see a picture of her, I just feel so empty. So alone. Like a part of me has just been torn off.
    It’s been 7 years since the day she died. So many have been effected, my dad, brother, and mom’s friends all share this intense pain. Since then, I have had some depression problems, sometimes lashing out, other times keeping to myself. I have seen a therapist, and have dealt with most of my issues. Lately, with 7th grade swiftly approaching, those feelings feel very fresh in my mind.
    I don’t know if I’ll ever be the same, but that’s not what life is about. As my dad has said, life is about living in the present. So I will move on, without forgetting where I’ve been. Me, Tyler (my brother) and my father will keep living. And although we will never forget, and I’m sure none of you will either, we should all move forward. Mom would’ve wanted that.
    Nowadays, I am an aspiring game designer, and I post frequently on twitter. If you would like to reach me, you can contact me at therealflingi@gmail.com . Thank you, and goodbye.

  2. joanne scialdone Says:

    As the Nana of one of discovery schoolhouses little students Gianna still sheds a tear when she talks about Elyse what a wonderful memory this amazing women has left in all the minds of the beautiful littie children may herf family find peace as time passes

  3. Lisa Barr Lynn Says:

    I grew up in Bardonia, where Elyse was from. Although I did not know her well I do remember her just as those that knew her well do. I remember she was kind and soft spoken. She made a strong impact with a gentle voice. It is such a testament to who she was as a person to have the love and respect of so many. I often times forget the moments in between and am too often in a rush. Although my intentions are good, I too quickly lose patience and wish that I was better at it. I can’t stop crying today after reading all these comments. How special she must have been and how much she even know makes an impact. I will try to remember her story and her spirit as I venture on in my life to do and be better. She is a true inspiration and I barely knew her. I wish sincere condolences to all who loved, respected, were affected by her and miss her.

  4. Deb Operach Says:

    We are so sad to hear of Elyse’s passing. To Elyse’s husband, family and children. Please know, Elyse was one of a kind. a very patient, calm and incredibly warm teacher and person. My triplets Nick, Jake and Chloe started at discovery schoolhouse a little nervous and can be a bit rambunctious. She was welcoming, kind and made them feel at ease and kept them calm. She was truly a remarkable woman. My boys loved playing with Tyler when he came into the preschool. What a wonderful family. I am heartsick of hearing this news and wanted to thank Elyse for all she has done for my family and how we are all better people for knowing Elyse in our lives. You are gone way too soon, but know you have made a wonderful impact on so many lives.

    Rest in peace Elyse,
    Deb , Ella, Nick, Jake and Chloe Pelton

  5. Karen, Declan & Alannah Says:

    We are so deeply devastated and shocked to hear of the passing of Elyse. Elyse worked so hard to help my son get accumulated to school. Elyse worked patiently with him daily!! Her dedication, patience and warm smile helped him get through a tough time and he adored Elyse as everyone else did!! I really cannot imagine Discovery Schoolhouse without her. Our hearts break for her Children, Husband, family and Discovery Schoolhouse staff & children. You are all in our thoughts and prayers

  6. Lyn Feeney Says:

    To Elyse’s family…we share the loss of loved ones to colon cancer. As we have just come to learn of Elyse’s passing we will offer our prayers and good thoughts to you, Tom, Tyler & Cameron along with her Mom and other family.
    For our family Elyse was young, enthusiatic, and and always a strong calm presence. In DS, our son Tommy was a bit stubborn, and needed a little extra encouragement to join along. He had love for Elyse and did things for her he wouldn’t for other teachers.
    We share your sadness, but will remember her greatness and smile. Loved her smile!!! 🙂
    Warmly, Lyn, Kelsie & Tommy Harrington

  7. Cathy Gleeson-Peccia Says:

    OMG! I am totally shocked at hearing this news about Elyse, Myself and Elyse starting working at Discovery Schoolhouse at the sametime. She was such a breath of fresh air to work with, we shared many laughs over the course of some years. My heart is broken …. My thoughts and prayers go out to ALL whose hearts she has touched…

  8. Ivy, Bill, Vanessa, Cameron Says:

    Children and families are the better for having known Elyse for as little or as long a time as they did, and knowing that a Good One is gone is a fact hard to accept. Peace and Love to EVERYONE in Elyse’s world.

  9. Ann Keegan Says:

    We were so sad to hear about Elyse. Elyse not only had a big heart but great insight with her students. Her calm manner, sweet smile and patience were so wonderful for the children and the parents! She was a gift and really found her calling in life. We are grateful that Ben and Henry had those years at Discovery and that Elyse was such a large part of that experience. Thank you Elyse. Love from the Keegan Family (Ann, Mike, Ben & Henry)

  10. Barbara McCole (hospice massage therapist) Says:

    This is for Elyse’s mom, who is the only one of the family I know. You made a place for her to walk her difficult path, knowing that you were with her, behind her, supporting her physically, emotionally, and spiritually. May her spirit now support you, and all your family. You did a great job, and so did Elyse.

  11. Crystal IDeasinc Says:

    I only had the honor of knowing Elyse for short time, but in that time I was able to see how gentle and kind she was. She had a very nurturing spirit. I am glad my little ladybug had the chance to spent some time in her light. From one ladybug to another, Elyse you will be missed.

  12. Susan Freedman Says:

    Our family was so saddened to hear of Elyse’s passing. Like so many others have mentioned, she had a wonderfully calming and loving nature which was treasured by children and parents alike. My son Andrew has many fond memories of the time he spent with Elyse at Discovery. Our hearts and thoughts go out to her husband, sons and family and to her Discovery Schoolhouse family. She will be greatly missed.

  13. Mitchell Family Says:

    Such a beautiful person. We are so saddened to hear of her passing. Her family will be in our thoughts and prayers.

  14. Kassandra Castillo Says:

    My daughter, Melanie and I, had the honor and privilege to have known Elyse in our lives. Although her presence was here for a short period, her effect was evident. It seems like only yesterday. But, it was in December when I saw Elyse for last time at Discovery Schoolhouse to express my gratitude to the staff for their contribution to Melanie’s beginning education. I emphasized how much her social and language skills had improved, because of Melanie’s attendance at Discovery. There was never a morning she didn’t look forward to going to “School! School!” ; I couldn’t unbuckle the car seat fast enough for her to get there.

    As I was speaking to the staff, Elyse came out of the office giving me a warm, loving embrace. That meant a lot to me then, and it means even more now that she is no longer with us. I was not aware that would be the last time I would be in her presence. I remember that beautiful moment again today, as I share in your great sorrow at her tragic and most untimely death. I am saddened that Elyse is no longer here to experience Melanie’s continued growth.
    Elyse managed to create a remarkable educational environment, building an incredible foundation for Melanie’s future education. Elyse will always be in our hearts and minds. My heartfelt condolences go out to you, and all who had the pleasure making her acquaintance. Melanie, like so many other children, is Elyse’s legacy.

    You are all in my thoughts and prayers. With much love

  15. traci bloom Says:

    Elyse you will be missed. I am so blessed to have been able to know and work with you. I will never forget the great times we had at Dsi

  16. Lori Bilewicz Says:

    I was shocked and saddened to read about Elyse’s passing. My son drove her crazy sometimes 🙂 but on his last day there, she pulled me aside and said “I can’t wait to see what Christian does in life. He’s going to be a leader.” At the time, I thought that was so gracious of her. In the years since, I’ve thought of what she’d said often. Those simple words have made me take a step back, many times, and see the bigger picture. I’m not a religious person, but I know that somehow Elyse is looking over all the children whose lives she touched, especially her own. My deepest condolences to her family, especially her husband and children.

  17. Derek Clarke Says:

    I miss greeting her and screaming at the top of my lungs. With her presence everything was positive,fun and easy. She has had a big effect on my life in such a short period of time. You will be Remembered forever.

  18. romy fernandes (@romy8636) Says:

    Thinking of her family during this difficult time.

  19. Robbyn Paradis Says:

    I personally am so shocked that Elyse is now gone from us. She was the rock I leaned on when we first started to foster and then adopt Raymond and Andrew. She had sage advice for such a young age and I was so thankful for her grace and support of me and my family as we transitioned through the ups and downs that is being an adoptive family. Elyse you will be missed every day. Everytime I see a ladybug I am always reminded of you.

  20. Sapphire Scheff Says:

    Im really going to miss Elyse. She was a great pre-school teacher and she was really fun to be around.

  21. Soondarie Barker Says:

    I am so sad to hear about Elyse’s passing. I can’t imagine how you all must feel. I only knew Elyse for a short while but in that time I sensed a kindred spirit. She was always so aware of the little details regarding Sunaiya that calms a parent’s anxieties about leaving their little ones in child care. I appreciated her mindfulness, and her quiet presence. I know she will be sorely missed. Please let me know if there are any funds or anything being created in her memory.

  22. Peter Carley Says:

    I find that there is not too much to add to these eloquent, thoughtful postings, and I think the postings are a direct reflection of Elyse and the thoughtful, wonderful person we knew. I am grateful for the opportunity to have known Elyse, and equally grateful that my children, Elijah and Grace, were able to grow, learn, and be nurtured by her.

  23. Robin Simon Says:

    My family and I are in shock and disbelief about this most devastating news. Elyse came into our lives in 1995 as a new teacher at Discovery, which was so many years ago, but seems like it was yesterday. At that time she was bright, vibrant and full of life with the gentlest of teaching talents.

    Over the years we watched her grow, continue her higher pursuits in education and continue all the while to be the same, calm, consistently happy, upbeat and cherry self through may transitions in her privater and public life Her desire to start a family, her pregnancies and in her career path, starting out as a young teacher and elevating to the position of Assistant Director, all the while maintaining her sense of self and her ability to make us feel so comfortable knowing she was involved in molding the minds, and caring for our children.

    I remember being so excited to learn she was pregnant for the first time and so delighted for her and her husband.

    Our families thoughts, prayers and warmest feelings go out to her family, friends & co-educators at Discovery.

    One of Elyse’s best qualities, and there were many, was to make everyone feel special as though they were family too. We can’t believe she was here for such a short time, but her legacy and what she gave to each of us and our children will live on forever.

  24. Carol Seidman Says:

    I’m not ready to share a story….my heartbreak prevents me such eloquence. My love to all who are feeling the loss of Elyse and all her gifts….pure kindness being one I was in awe of. In Elyses honor I promise to practice kindness. She did not have to practice, it was who she was…..

  25. Susan Koch-Weser Says:

    The conversations with Elyse at the door at pickup times were one of the best parts of Discovery Schoolhouse. I always felt like she completely understood me, had great advice, and was ready to laugh as needed. It was also a pleasure to watch her working together with Brian. Her ability to be fully present, clearly involved, but exercise the the lightest of touches was a wonder to behold. She radiated a seemingly impossible combination of calmness with laughter, making her such a pleasure to be with. I feel lucky to have had the times I did with her. I will miss her terribly as I know so many others do to.

  26. Bianca Kelley Says:

    I am heart sick to hear of Elyse’s passing. She was a true gift to this world, and all who knew her were touched and somehow changed by her sweet and gentle spirit. I was blessed to work along side her at Discovery. I have so many fond memories of Elyse. She taught me a lot about patience, and taking the time to enjoy the simple, beautiful moments. We were pregant at the same time and had so many wonderful conversations and bonding moments surrounding our pregnancies. She was a fabulous teacher and a sincere friend. I do not have the words to express how truly sorry I am. My deepest sympathies go out to Tom, her boys, and her family.

  27. Lori DuPont Lewis Says:

    I graduated from High School with Elyse but did not have the opportunity to truly know her….clearly, I missed out as she touched the lives of many with her incredible spirit. Thinking of her family during this difficult time.

  28. Cynthia Smith Says:

    Having first met Elyse when Milan started at Discovery in 2004, her gentle, kind spirit was obvious. She always had a smile for everyone … children, families and the community. Her patience and ability to communicate in an open and honest manner was refreshing. I remember having many conversations with her about art, being creative, motherhood, education and life. She has made a lasting impact on so many of us and her presence will be missed. Elyse’s spirit will continue to resonate in the lives of all she has touched. I will continue to keep Tom, Tyler, Cameron, and her family in my thoughts and prayers.

  29. Ada Rosmarin Says:

    Elyse’s kind smile and gentle nature were at the core of the Discovery Schoolhouse experience. Losing her so young breaks all of our hearts. May memories of Elyse be a blessing for her family and DSI. Her kindness lives on in all she touched.

  30. Meagan Usseglio Says:

    I met Elyse in the Fall of 2009, she was my mentor while going through my student teaching. She was a great person to look toward for help with anything. She loved the children and everything she did, always so happy and cheerful no matter what was going on in her life. As soon as she walked through the door of the school she had a smile on her face. She will truly be missed by many. THe world of teaching has lost an amazing teacher, mentor, and friend. My thoughts and prays go out to her husband, sons, and the rest of her family.

  31. Katie Cronin Says:

    I met Elyse at Discovery Schoolhouse when I was just out of college and starting out as a new teacher. Elyse was my supervisor and mentor and our relationship grew into a friendship that spread even out of work. She was and will remain a great inspiration to me. Her level of patience with children of all ages, developmental levels, and familial backgrounds showed me that love, kindness, and an overwhelming ability to accept life and people as it/they come (not sweating the little things and rolling with the punches) is key to happiness and success. She was silly, fun, loving, understanding, and just perfectly herself. There is no one like her and she did those things in life that many of us do out of necessity or obligation with absolute love in her heart. She saw the very best in all people. I will miss her so much. The world has lost a wonderful woman but those lives she touched will never forget her.

  32. John Kane Says:

    From Hannah Kane – Elyse was my teacher. Elyse was gentle and kind and big-hearted. Elyse was a good teacher for all the kids for all ages. She could entertain little kids and big kids by reading and doing puzzles. She would help tie shoes and help zip up coats so everybody could get ready to go outside. She gave good advice like don’t climb up the slide. She always had the best lunches she would bring from home. I always wanted her strawberries. Whenever Mommy would go to a Board meeting they would get pizza and Elyse’s kids would be there too and we would play. We made pictures together of spotted dogs and white dogs. I would always ask her to draw dogs for me. She would bring her dog with her to school sometimes. But at the new school she didn’t bring her dog so much because it might scare the little kids. One time we went to the Children’s Museum together and we all played together and had a good time.

    From John Kane – As a teacher at Discovery, Elyse looked after both of my girls for the past few years. Her boys and my girls were about the same age and we attended several birthday celebrations together along with seeing each other on an almost daily basis dropping off and picking up the girls from Discovery. I remember Elyse as being very gentle. One afternoon I was picking up the kids and she was asking Tyler to do something. Tyler wasn’t doing it and she said in a strong voice “Consequences, Tyler Jack”. Another time I was picking up Megan and the kids were playing in the backyard and Cameron came up to me and asked me if he could marry Megan. I caught Elyse’s eye and we both smiled. I told Cameron that was a wonderful idea but that Megan wasn’t old enough for a boyfriend yet but he could come back in about 29 years and ask me again.

    From Megan Kane – She was a nice friend to me. I went for walks with her to Kelly Field and Tucker School. We played games together like Bingo or Candyland. We would help clean up the tables and sweep up the floor after lunch. We would sing with Elyse and Brian – she liked the song She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain. I liked sitting next to her for lunch because she was my friend. I’ll miss her.

  33. Eileen Clapp Begnoche Says:

    Elyse and I were best friends meeting in high school. We helped each other push through school and stayed together no matter what. We both proved to the world we could be anything, and we both became teachers. I will miss her forever. Such a beautiful person.

  34. Joan McDonald Says:

    Elyse for the many years that we worked together you have been an inspiration to me. I cannot imagine that you are no longer here and especially at Discovery. I am sure that Discovery will not be the same without you. Everyone that came in contact with you can attest to the fact that you were an amazing teacher and that you were very genuine. RIP Elyse you are greatly missed.

  35. Bryan James (Dawson) Says:

    I worked with Elyse at Discovery Schoolhouse when I lived in Boston and she’s just a wonderful person to work with. I am saddened to here that she’s no longer here with us. You will be missed Elyse by the many lives you‘ve touched. Elyse you have inspired me to be a better person, you are missed, bye for now, rest in peace.
    Bryan James (known as Dawson)

  36. Phoebe, Christos, Eleni, and Stavro Minias Says:

    Elyse played such a special part in our kids’ lives. Her loving, calm presence was so reassuring and she always had great insights into kids’ behavior. It is really hard to believe that she won’t be at Discovery for many years to come touching other children’s lives. We feel so fortunate to have known this amazing woman.

  37. Lisa Berlucchi Says:

    We are all better having known you. Discovery Schoolhouse was a better place because of you. I will miss you always.

  38. Laurie Riley Says:

    A lovely woman, an amazing teacher, a genuine friend, a beautiful mother gone too soon. You will be missed, Elyse. I can’t imagine Discovery without your beautiful smile.

  39. Brian Scheff Says:

    We’ve set up this space for people to share memories of Elyse. We will pass your comments on to her family. Elyse has touched the lives of so many children and families here in her 17 years at the school. Please let other Discovery Schoolhouse families know about her passing, so that they can also leave messages on this page.

    We miss Elyse every day.

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